Valentino Rossi: These bikes are the best in history

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Valentino Rossi

Nine-time World Champion said that in this era of MotoGP, they are riding the most beautiful bikes off all time.

Valentino Rossi is a walking [racing] history book as it currently saw his 25th season in Grand Prix, with at least one more with Petronas in 2021. We can say that he has lived almost all MotoGP eras at the highest level.

This season is very special for many reasons. Covid-19 changed the Calendar, there are no spectators this season, there were 7 races in 9 weeks, so there is not a lot of time for riders to rest between race weekends. Also, the absence of the actual World Champion Marc Marquez due to arm injury has shuffled cards a lot.

Look at these incredible numbers: 6 winners in just 8 races and already 13 drivers on the podium. Competition this year is incredible.

For example, after FP3 of the last Barcelona Grand Prix , the Top 10 riders were separated by 0.444 seconds, Top 20 riders separated by only 0.923 seconds. We do not know how far we have to go back in history to see such a situation so here’s what Vale said about the difference between those times and today’s Moto Grand Prix:

“It’s really difficult now comparing to before and it’s one of the biggest differences compared to ten or 15 years ago. But that’s how it is, if you want to be there you have to work on every detail and you can’t slow down in a single curve”.

“There are many nostalgic people who think that it was better in the past, with two-stroke machines, in the 80s. In my opinion, it is better now because we have these most beautiful bikes of all time. And they are the best bikes in terms of handling” – Admitted the Doctor.

He also joked: “Of course I prefer 2000’s because I was winning then”.

By investigating the causes of the incredible density of competition in this MotoGP championship, the Doctor gives his diagnosis:

“We have to understand why we are all so close to each other. There are the technical factors on the bike, because we all have the same ECU for example.”

The tires are the same for everyone. In the past, the factory riders, the top 5, could have had a little more. But it is perhaps also the greatest professionalism, the best preparation of the pilots. Because in my opinion that too is very different from what it was 15 years ago ”. 

Despite all that, he is still there, fighting for podiums and wins, since 1996…

Valentino Rossi

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