Valentino Rossi: “The scariest moment of my career”

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Valentino Rossi

The Austrian GP was one of the scariest races in the history of this sport. We have witnessed one of the most dangerous possible scenarios in Moto GP.

After Zarco went wide and started to brake, Morbidelli was able to get out of the slipstream and there was contact between the two riders, whose bikes then started to bounce at more than 150 km and flew over the heads of Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. Weight of that bike is 157kg, which makes it even more dangerous.

We report Rossi’s words after the race without any formatting.

Valentino Rossi [5th place]:

“It was very scary. All four riders, but especially me and also Maverick, were very lucky. We have to pray to somebody tonight, because the situation was very dangerous.”

“I think it is good to be aggressive, for sure, because everybody tries to do the maximum, but for me we don‘t have to exaggerate, because we need to remember that this sport is very dangerous.”

“You need to have respect for your rivals, especially at a track where you‘re always going at 300km/h. I have already spoken with Zarco, he promised me that he didn‘t do it on purpose. He went very wide in braking and he slammed the door in the face of Franco, and with this bike when you ride 300km/h you have the slipstream, so Franco didn‘t have any chance to brake.”

“I was with Maverick when we entered Turn 3, and I felt something coming towards me. I thought it was the shadow of the helicopter, because sometimes it crosses the race track, but then Franco‘s bike passed me at an incredible speed, and also the bike of Zarco jumped over Maverick.”

“So, we were very lucky, but we hope this type of incident is a lesson for riders to improve their behaviour in the future. I spoke with Franco, he is okay, he is trying not to think, but when he thinks, he too feels scared. What makes the difference on this occasion is that nobody got hurt, all riders are okay, so this changes the situation.”

“If something bad had happened, it would have been completely different. It was difficult to restart, sincerely, but I didn‘t have a lot of choice. So I restarted, and in the race I was good. I did a good race. For us, with the Yamaha, it‘s not easy here. We suffer in top speed, so it‘s very difficult to fight with the other bikes, but I had a good pace.”

“Unfortunately, I had a very aggressive overtake from Binder in Turn 9 that pushed me out of the track, and we lost a lot of time and lost contact with the first group. But anyway, from that moment on I still had a good rhythm, and I could arrive in fifth place. We can do better, but it was a good race.”

He was obviously shaken when he saw a replay on the screens. We hope this will never happen again, to any rider.

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