“Something is wrong with Michelin tyres” – Andrea Dovizioso after Styrian GP

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Andrea Dovizioso
Phillip Platzer // Red Bull Content Pool

Andrea Dovizioso expressed disappointment after P5 at Styrian GP, saying that he can’t understand what is happening with those tyres.

This season is pretty turbulent for the Italian rider. Just one day after announcing that he is not going to ride for Ducati in 2021, Andrea Dovizioso took his first victory in 2020 in Austria at the Red Bull Ring.

Just one week after that, at the same place, most fans believed he is going to repeat that success because Ducati have won here every year since 2016. However, Andrea was unable to repeat the success because something ‘strange’ happened to his tyres when it comes to degradation.

At the finish of the Styrian Grand Prix , Dovizioso said: “ In the first race, the one interrupted by the red flag, the situation was very, very strange. In practice I had done a lot of laps with the medium tire at the rear, everything had always gone well, but as soon as I started again I realized that it no longer worked and the situation continued to deteriorate.

Dovi went to ask Michelin for explanations because he couldn’t understand how that is possible: “ They told me they had to analyze what had happened. I don’t want to say more, but I’m sure something went wrong”.

The Ducati rider has nevertheless recovered 8 points on Quartararo and is only 3 points behind the championship lead . But in view of the general situation, it doesn’t mean anything yet:

“I’m in a good situation, but when there are so many ups and downs, it means that you don’t have control of the situation and this is not a good feeling ”.

He adds: “In the last 4 or 5 years, I had always managed to be consistent, so this is something unusual. I have no answer as to why it is happening like this. There is no clear explanation, these are all guesses and it bothers me . 

Usually, when you’re slow, you get angry, you understand the problem and then you start working to find the solution. But today I started the race thinking I was really fast and found myself running slower than most riders. You can’t tell what’s good and what isn’t, because there are too many ups and downs. For me and my team, it’s unsettling”.

“You think you’re quick and then you find yourself in eleventh, that’s not normal”

“The first point is that the new tire is causing problems for everyone. We had already complained in winter, now the others too, that means that we understood something, and that’s what causes these ups and downs. 

Second, all tires are not exactly the same. We discussed this with Michelin at the safety committee and I think they are doing their best, I am not questioning their commitment, they are aware of the problem”.

“Pointing at someone is not my style and is useless, but they don’t have the situation under control. We live in instability, you think you’re fast and then you find yourself in eleventh place, it’s not normal, a driver is very fast on one track and very slow on another.

Once again, it is not normal that such different things happen in two consecutive races on the same track ”.

Andrea Dovizioso believes there is no clear favorite for the Championship this year, at least there is no favorite yet: ” Nobody has the answer about the potential Champion, if someone tells he knows, he is lying” – smiles Dovizioso. “My position is excellent, but we don’t know when we are fast, when we are slow, we have to go day by day, race by race”.

Source: GPOne.com
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