Quartararo: “One of the toughest races of my life”

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After the second consecutive victory, Fabio talked about the conditions on the track, podium with Rossi, title contenders and the return of Marc Marquez.

Halfway through the race, I looked at how many laps were left and it was 12. I said to myself “Wow, that’s still too long!”. My hands and feet were too hot. In fact, it was good to get off to a good start as I had a problem yesterday with the Holeshot Device. In fact, I had made no departure. This morning we made two starts and it was a disaster. With the team we said to ourselves “OK, last week we had some really good starts during practice and very bad during the race, so try to do the opposite”. I actually had a very good start from the grid and tried to pick up my pace. So yes, I am very happy with the job done today. “

When asked about the track conditions, Fabio said:

“ If I remember correctly, it was a bit more windy last week and the conditions were different. Every time there are the Moto2s and sometimes the grip is very bad. Today, I felt that the performance during the first laps was better, but the tire then lost the grip and I did not have a great feeling with the front. So yeah, I got some heat during the race because the conditions were strange today and I think it was one of the toughest races of my life.

Fabio couldn’t take smile of his face when asked about sharing a podium with his Idol Valentino Rossi, whose posters he had on his walls as a younger rider:

“ Honestly, it is an amazing feeling to share podium with Rossi ! Last year, I didn’t have the chance to share a podium with him but this time it’s even better because I share it with him in addition to a victory. The first thing I did in the parc fermé was to take a picture with him! In fact, I find it very strange because the first race I remember when I was a kid was here, when he passed Sete (Gibernau) in the last corner. It was the race that I really remember and that gave me the motivation to go to MotoGP. So thank you to him and it’s a pleasure to share this podium with him! “

Concentration needed to lead 25 laps:

“  It was very difficult because 25 laps in these conditions is never easy. 25 laps, that seems very long because after 12 laps, I had only done half of the race. It was really long and I had to stay focused because sometimes when you have a pretty big lead over the second rider you say “OK, I slow down” and that’s the kind of moment you can easily make a mistake. . You don’t drive the way you want to and you try to manage, and I think that’s the kind of time you have to stay very focused. It wasn’t easy but I think it’s something, to stay more focused, that I can manage a little better compared to last year. And that’s why I am very happy with my race today. “

Frenchman is satisfied with his current position in World Championship (50/50 points), but he is also aware it’s is not going to be easy to become the World Champion with Marc who will return in Brno, and a lot of fast, more experienced riders on the grid.

“I think it’s a little too early to talk about it, but we know that Marc will come back to Brno, that Maverick is very strong, I don’t know which position Dovi finished, Valentino came back to the podium so we have the hope for good contenders for the championship, but like I said this one is very short, so if it is possible to have as few as possible, it is better for us (laughs)! ” – Said Fabio to the official MotoGP speaker during the Press Conference.

Source: MotoGP.com

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