Franco Morbidelli: “Last 10 laps were unbelieveable. The most important laps of my career”

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Franco Morbidelli
GEPA / Red Bull Content Pool

Former Moto2 World Champion Franco Morbidelli became a MotoGP Grand Prix winner in Misano. Fourth Maiden winner this season, which makes this season very special. This is the first time since 1949 that Premier Class has 4 maiden winners.

Season of 2020 has already five winners so far [Dovi is the only one that has won MotoGP race in the past]. Last year, riding a latest generation Yamaha, he was dominated by his young rookie teammate Fabio Quartararo. This time he’s the one with last year’s M1, and he used it really well at Misano.

After the race, Morbidelli was asked by the official speaker what it felt like to be in front of his teacher:

Vale is definitely in the first rank of people I must thank “, Morbidelli said.“ I thank him, but it is not enough because he has done so much for me. It’s fantastic to run against him. He is without a doubt a legend and the greatest of all time. To have the chance to drive in front of him and beat him is just great”.

“I wanted to defeat him and show him that it was the right thing to believe in me. It’s a great feeling. I hope I can have more duels with him,” says Frankie.

“ It’s never easy against him. I still train and fight with and against him at the ranch. We ride on small pocket bikes and other machines, but at the World Championship it’s a bit different, also because you see the many yellow flags when you walk past the stands.”

“You understand he’s there. He gets his mojo from the fans . You can see it and feel it. I told myself that I had to relax and set my pace. In the end, it went well.”

He adds on this weekend: “ Friday and Saturday it looked like Maverick and Fabio were faster. But in the end the race counts.

Frankie couldn’t hide emotions: “ I am full of emotions, it is full of joy. This will not change for the next 24 or 48 hours. I had a good race pace and felt strong. I got off to a good start. Vale put me under pressure at first, yes. I felt good. I felt I was in control. I rode at my own pace and realized I was taking a lead. I felt good at the time. Then I did the last ten laps for myself ”.

“Those were the ten most important laps of my career. It was great fun for m ” said the Yamaha driver , who had many things in mind.

“At that point, it was about the psyche. I could think of a lot of things. I thought about the people who worked with me, who helped me in my career and I’m grateful to everyone.”

Only seven years ago I was racing here in the Italian Stock 600 Championship. I thought about it. I thank the people who did this, who helped my career take off so strongly. I want to continue like this for many years. It’s been a great trip so far, ”said Morbidelli .

After six races, Morbidelli is now seventh in the World Championship and is only 19 points behind World Championship leader Andrea Dovizioso.

Is the world title possible for the Italian? “ I am a satellite pilot. I’m not aiming for the championship and I don’t even think about it, ”said Morbidelli

“ I just want to win races and get the best possible result on Sunday. Then I’ll see where I am at the end of the season. I do it from race to race because the main thing is that I am only a satellite pilot ”. And now he is also a MotoGP winner and a Moto2 World Champion.

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