Maverick Vinales: “Something saved us”

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Austrian GP
Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

The Austrian GP was one of the scariest races in the history of this sport. We have witnessed one of the most dangerous possible scenarios in Moto GP.

After Zarco went wide and started to brake, Morbidelli was able to get out of the slipstream and there was contact between the two riders, whose bikes then started to bounce at more than 150 km and flew over the heads of Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. Weight of that bike is 157kg, which makes it even more dangerous.

We report Maverick’s words after the race without any formatting.

Maverick Vinales [10th place]:

“Today we were very lucky, this is the most important. We’re good. These things can happen in races, there’s always that risk. And this corner, Turn 3, we say every time that it’s really dangerous.They need to do something, because it’s really easy to crash there.”

“This morning I nearly crashed in the warm-up. I locked the front and went a bit towards the walls, and that was scary. But on the bike, during the incident in the first race, I didn’t see anything, honestly. I just heard the scratching sound of crashed bikes and then I felt the impact of Johann’s bike hitting the wall.”

“Then, when I looked, I saw one bike coming towards me and I covered my head and the bike jumped up. For sure we were very lucky today, someone saved us, and this is the most important.”

“We are here and the championship is not over, because Fabio finished only two places in front of us. In Race 2, we had a big problem with the clutch. It’s a shame that we lost two really good opportunities to be at the top of the championship, because I felt really strong from the beginning.”

“It’s true that in the first race our bike was quite slow, but I was waiting for lap 15 to start to push really hard. Then in the second race, after discovering the problem, I just thought my race was over. But then I stayed on the track for three-four laps, and the clutch was okay again. I just tried to be patient and overtake to get to the front. It is what it is.”

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