Marquez: “I was told that the plate would hold up”

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Marc Marquez
Gold & Goose / Red Bull Content Pool

The Honda rider clarified his injury, after having made it official that he will not be back on track for two or three months: “Getting back on the saddle after the first surgery was a mistake by the doctors, they told me that the plate would hold up.”

“What happened did not make me lose faith in Dr. Mir, so I decided to have him operate again. The specialists recommend that I take a lot of time to recover and so I will.” – Marc said for

The day after the Honda statement, which revealed that Marc Marquez will not be back on track for two to three months after his second arm operation , the eight-time world champion gave a short video message a thought to all the fans of the MotoGP

“Hello everyone, clearly I miss MotoGP, I would have liked to be on the starting grid with nervousness and butterflies in my stomach – said a smiling Marquez -. It’s time to recover well from my injury, it will be a long journey but I’ll be back as soon as possible . I miss MotoGP, I miss the fans. Don’t worry, I’m fine and I’ll be back.” 

In another interview, uploaded to the official Dorna channels, Marc Marquez added: “Every year something happens, this time I got this unexpected injury, which came at risk as I always do and as I always will. It is my philosophy, that I got where I got , I think it’s a good method.

Marc Marquez

“Now, as I did last time, I’ll follow the doctors’ recommendations. After the first operation, they gave me the peace of mind to get on the bike if I didn’t feel pain , to be able to a normal life, doing gymnastics at home. I myself believed that the plate would hold up, they said this to me and my staff. It was a mistake, it’s clear.”

“I underwent a new operation, still performed by Dr. Mir, what happened did not make me lose the confidence I have in him. The doctors recommend that I take a long time to recover and so I will.”

“I’m back on track not earlier than 2-3 months” – Marquez

On Saturday, Honda had sent a press release with updates on Marquez’s state of health after the two operations on the humerus of his right arm (the first after the fall of Jerez, the second after the rupture of the plate inserted during the operation).

The eight-time world champion will also be forced to miss the next two races, both scheduled at Misano in September, with his return to the track not earlier than two to three months.


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August 31, 2020 11:00 am

I think Marc is gonna win a lot of races when comes back !