Marc Marquez to miss Andalucia GP

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Gold & Goose

The injured Marc Marquez will take no further part in the Andalucia MotoGP, after completing FP3 and FP4 and one lap in Q1.

After being injured during the last week’s Jerez GP, Marc Marquez gave his best to come back and try participating in Andalucia GP this season. Just five days after the surgery on his right arm, he got back on his Repsol Honda MotoGP bike to try earning some points for himself and for the team, but unfortunately his injury forced him to stop during the Q1 practice today [Saturday].

HRC Boss Albergo Puig: “We decided not to continue the weekend and to stop here. In the afternoon Marc started to feel more and more pain” – said for – “He didn’t feel good and we all think this is the best decision at the momen. We triad this morning to see how Marc behaved in the Free Practice 3 and later in Free Practice 4 but we must wait until he fully recovers”.  

“We decided to go with the plan, to come here, skip Friday and try Saturday. This morning was like a test to see if he could ride the bike and it was OK, then in the afternoon finally we saw it was not so east. So we have decided that it is best not to race.” 

“If I would not be worried [that he could injure himself again] I would be an idiot, of course I am worried but this is motorsport. Marc is a clever guy, he is smart and he always follows his feelings and physical goals. When he saw it was not possible, he stopped. We are worried normally when the guys are fit, imagine when they are not fit.”


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